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Handmade Leather Goods are our specialty!

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Our leather products are made by hand in our quaint workshop on our small family farm on a pleasant prairie.

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We customize our products to meet your style.

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We use real leather and durable hardware creating one quality piece at a time.

A Snippet About Us - Farm Life

By making it to this page you must be somewhat interested in our crazy life or hopefully our leather goods products!

We have had a long journey full of fumbles along the way so let's just fast forward to today. We have a quaint hobby farm located in rural Spring Valley where we raise a small flock of hair sheep, Spotted Draft horses, ducks, chickens and a custom leather shop enjoying farm life!

Our main goal is to have a happy, healthy sustainable life for our family. We will get there with baby steps and turmoil that having a farm brings. The leather shop is my main job along with primary livestock caretaker. I LOVE the animals we have here on the farm and often times get side tracked by stopping to watch them play.

The horses on our farm, Pumpkin, Suzie Q, Jack and Dexter are pure delight. We enjoy each individual for their unique personality. We used to operate a small carriage and sleigh ride business with Pumpkin and Suzie Q called Doubletree Carriage Company and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity of attending weddings, parties, engagement rides, family events; it was SO rewarding to see the smiles on peoples faces when the horses would arrive. Now that we have our own farm we hope to offer wagon and sleigh rides in the future! Jack is learning the ropes of being a driving horse, his favorite part so far is the treats at the end of the ride. Dexter is still too young to work and is learning everything there is to learn including riding and driving.

Hair sheep! I wanted a low maintenance breed and set out to find some St. Croix sheep. That wasn't as easy as it sounded. My travels took me to a farm that had some Painted Desert ewes for sale. That was quite the trip on a hot day; wild sheep and a broken down truck immediately after loading the ewes. More about that story another day. Anyways, we finally were able to bring home 3 ewes (Salty, Seek and Spot), found  a St. Croix crossbred ram, Acorn Pete and we were now in the sheep business. Had 3 healthy lambs and the flock grew to 5 ewes currently, the ram is slated for lamb chops. We also purchased two purebred St. Croix ram lambs from a place that was less then desirable. From that pair we ended up losing one but Nacho survived and is very docile. 

The quackers and cluckers keep us in hysterics as they waddle about the farm stealing flowers and eating pesky bugs. Two of our 4 chickens are 6 years old this year which in the chicken world that's ancient. They still provide us with eggs and are friendly. Henrietta and Buckwheat will often times greet guests and on one occasion a guest ran screaming back to her car. She was actually scared of those girls but I tell you what, those hens were shocked that someone would run from them! I felt bad for that gal but inside I was cracking up. 

Leather Shop! Our business started out as a horse drawn carriage service and then baby Henry came along. Without late night sitters that brought a halt to our romantic carriage offerings that we loved so much. We picked up a hobby of working leather and it has grown into a small business. Our focus is making a functional, well built product that will withstand the test of time and be passed down for generations. John has taken to building saddles but his time is limited for working on those projects as he has a full time mechanic job in Rochester, MN. He's been studying with a Master Saddler and reads countless books. There is always something new to learn and patterns to perfect to be able to get a comfortable ride for you and your horse. There is much knowledge and time that goes into building a saddle that will last the time from you to your grandkids! I have been focusing on smaller projects and am a bit fussy! Even my smallest projects I agonize over the fit and finish ensuring heavy duty construction. My leather bracelets are sturdy enough to become a replacement strap on something, do they need to be that well made, no but if you are going to make something why not make it the best! Other items that you can find on our workbench include gun rigs, holsters, belts, purses, phone cases, knife sheaths, chaps, etc. We will try anything once!

Family; we are a family of three! Henry is finally to the age where we can really get out and explore the World. There is much to see in God's creation and we all love to explore the great outdoors via foot and hoof! You might find us hiking or riding horses. We love the cowboy life but so far we are just prairie cowboys. 

If you have any interest in our current products or future products, please send us a message or stop by for a visit! We always have a nice selection of gifts on hand and hopefully in the future we can offer healthy for you lamb products!

Thank you for your support!

The youngest leather crafter in our shop!

The youngest leather crafter in our shop!