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Doubletree Leatherworks

Handmade Leather Goods are our specialty!



Wallets, Bags, Purses, Clutches

Handmade leather purses, clutches, wallets and backpacks.

In this photo gallery you will see a small sample of various personal accessories that we have made. With a variety of leathers available and wanting to create beautiful pieces you are sure to find something to inspire your personal custom wallet, purse, backpack or clutch.

Belts, Holsters, Sheaths

Cartridge belts, everyday belts, dress belts, rifle slings, hip belts, knife sheaths, gun holsters.

Thinking about adding a new belt, holster, rifle sling or sheath to your wardrobe?

Maybe this photo gallery will spark your ideas and get the custom order started.

Jewelry, Cuffs and More

Leather earrings, bracelets, cuffs

Looking for handmade leather jewelry in a variety of leathers and textures?

We make that too, right here in our shop combining various stamping and carving techniques on vegetable tanned leather and get funky with printed leathers too!

Home Decor

Custom leather creations!

Mmmm the smell of real leather! We can create unique, one of a kind leather art pieces to be displayed in your home, cabin, office, camper, horse trailer, work office, wherever you desire! Do you have an idea, send us a note, we would enjoy helping you create the perfect piece.

Horse Tack and Pet Accessories

Custom leather saddle handmade in Minnesota, horse tack, dog collars, leash, saddles bags and more.

Handmade to order with attention to fit and durability is what you will find when taking a look at our horse tack and pet accessories.

Maybe you are wanting a new saddle, tack set, dog collar, leash, saddle bags or have an idea for an improved product, take a quick look and give us a call so we can get started designing!

Memorial Projects

Memorial projects have a deep meaning and are an honor to create. Each project is one of a kind.

Life happens and sometimes you want to have a one of a kind handmade leather piece made to memorialize people, pets, events and more.

It is a great honor to be entrusted with creating a one of kind piece that has a deep meaning to the customer. We can help you design or you can give free reign to get just the right piece made for you. Leather goods are our specialty.